Update 2.2.2 - The Envoys of Avalon

The Druids themselves have come to the Hollow Earth! With the Equinox upon us, they have deemed ot safe enough for some of their member to leave the hidden mists of Avalon and take root in Agartha.

Worried for the safety of their home in the long-term, they have collaborated with the Council of Venice to bring to life a new form of scenario: the Occult Defence. Survive endless waves of enemies while defending a central point! The higher the wave reached and the more waves reached in a single run, the better and more numerous the rewards!

There are even new legends to learn and Agents to acquire to commemorate the occasion!


The Council of Venice have agreed to utilize their virtual reality system for a new combat simulation: Occult Defence of Stonehenge.

Your mission is deceptively simple: Defend the Hagstone, the ancient artifact laying at the heart of Stonehenge. This artifact draws power from the the world’s ley lines and works to conceal and protect Stonehenge and the Druids’ home from danger. Should the Hagstone’s integrity be compromised, it’s fission mailed – so keep it together!


On each equinox, the druids of Avalon send their envoys to forge alliances with other Secret Worlders. For a limited time, you’ll be able to find Druids of Avalon in Agartha as they help usher you to the training simulation. Discover event-exclusive legends and get a chance at special loot, including agent dossiers. Seek them out in the center of Agartha!


With the release of Occult Defence and the Envoys of Avalon comes new agents for you to command! Opening a Druids of Avalon Agent Booster has a chance to contain new Agents or Gear Reward Bags!

To see all of the new Agents added and how to acquire each one, check out the Agent Network Master Guide or search each Dossier separately!

Check out the official release announcement for more information and check here to read the patch notes!

The Legend Lists for Stonehenge Simulation and The Druids of Avalon are both available!

Learn more about the Envoys of Avalon and what they have to offer with our Envoys of Avalon Event Guide, out now!

Update 2.2.1 - Missions New and Old

Our Factions once more have need of us! Three missions originally available in The Secret World have returned! Now dubbed Faction Ranking Missions, they provide unique challenges in the form of scaled content where you choose the difficulty you want to run it on! The higher the difficulty, the greater the rewards!

Alongside them is a new Legend set, a Faction-specific agent - the Faction Quartermaster - whose identity depends on which Faction you are, the fourth Agent Mission slot, achievements, and the ability to reach Faction Ranks 11-13 and reap their associated titles and uniforms!

There is also something new in South Africa. A new sabotage mission, Public Enemy Number One, has been added to New Dawn. Completing it will also unlock a new side mission, Eavesdropper. With their addition, the meta achievement "Land of the Dawn" can be completed and its delicious Guise of the Kongamato can finally be earned! There will be more to come to South Africa in due time.


Looks like you’re moving on up, agent. Faction Ranking missions are now available – are you up to the challenge?

Once you’re Level 50, are finished with at least the entirely of the Tokyo storyline, and have an Item Power of at least 250, a new series of tasks become available, allowing you to increase your standing within your Faction! As they say, nothing of value comes for free: You have to show some backbone and commitment – you have to proveyourself!


In addition to Faction Ranking missions, those agents infiltrating New Dawn in South Africa may access one new Sabotage mission titled “Public Enemy Number One”. Who’s been keeping an eye on you within the compound? We suppose you’ll want an answer.

In addition, the Agarthan Cache has re-entered the Cache rotation, replacing the Anniversary 2018 Cache as of 1 August 2018.

For more information on the Agent Network, see the Agent Network Master Guide.

Check out the official announcement for even more information and read the patch notes for this update here on the Funcom forums!

Full guides for Public Enemy Number One, Eavesdropper, Into Darkness, Venetian Missile Crisis, and Rogue Agent will be available soon!

The new Legend Faction Conflict is up!


Time flies fast, busy bees! Secret World Legends has turned one year old, and celebrations have begun in Agartha! From June 20th to July 11th, festivities run rampant!


Read more about the Anniversary here! And see here for the amazing trailer released! I promise, you won't regret it!

The Anniversary comes with a patch - one with many new emotes to enjoy! Check out the Emotes UI and see what you can now do!

Do you have a Faction Deck from The Secret World? Now you can equip it from the Dressing Room!

See here for the official patch notes, sweetlings!

An event guide for the Anniversary event is available!

Update 2.2.1 - Dawn of the Morninglight

A new dawn is upon us! Season 2 of Secret World Legend's magnificent story is officially out with Dawn of the Morninglight!

You’ve laid low in the limelight for long enough; now it’s time to spring into action. Time to Infiltrate the Morninglight stronghold in South Africa. Time to find answers – to find Marquard. After this long, it’s gonna take a lot to take him away from you.

An optional Collector's Edition is now available for Dawn of the Morninglight. Containing an exclusive agent, Oleg Yablokev as well as outfits and a pet, there's a number of cool cosmetics to enjoy in the CE!

Along with new content are a vast series of fixes and adjustments! Check out the Patch Notes for the Dawn of the Morninglight update 2.2.1!

The official release announcement can be found on the Secret World Legends website.

Patch 2.2.1 brings an end to the Winter Cache's frigid reign. The Tribal Cache now drops all throughout the world. Curious about Caches and their contents? Our Cache page is here to help!

Take a look at the official launch trailer for Dawn of the Morninglight!

We are working hard to bring new content guides and walkthroughs for Dawn of the Morninglight missions, legends, champions, and agents! Please be patient - as this is entirely new content, guides are not immediately available; however, they are our top priority!

Update 2.2.0 - Agent Network

A whole new system has been added to Secret World Legends! Become an Agent Handler and send Agents of your very own off to do a number of tasks and missions! There are a plethora of dossiers - including those of your favorite NPCs! Collect them all!

Hard work pays off! Upon reaching Faction Rank 3 (Level 15), your faction will entrust you with the tools to become an Agent Handler! Welcome to the Agent Network, a brand-new feature where you manage prospective agents, send them on assignments, gear them up, and get awesome rewards.

An official introduction to the Agent Network is available from Funcom at secretworldlegends.com!

Patch notes for the 2.2.0 update that brings the Agent Network to Secret World Legends can be found HERE.

A whole new Agent Network section has been added to TSWDB! While this section is under construction, information is being added to it as soon as possible! A full list of Agent Dossiers and their individual profiles, Agent Missions, and a list of Agent Gear are available and being updated with all new information concerning the Agent Network itself! Check back frequently!

A comprehensive Agent Network guide is now available!

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